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Media Magazine

Foreign and domestic investments enjoy equal treatment
According to the Emergency Order 92/1997, with further modifications, investors benefit in Romania of joint guaranties and facilities...
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The direct foreign investments
The statistical research for 2004 made by BNR and INS  reflected a revised value of 5,183 billion euro...
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Privatisation in the energetic field
The account of A.V.A.S. (Autoritatea pentru Valorificarea Activelor Statului) for 2005 concluded the necessity to continue...
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Harmonizing the banking legislation with the EU Directives continues
For the actual achievement of integrating the community acquis, BNR acted simultaneously on two directions...
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The banks continue to expand their retail activity
After the Romanian banks have been orienting themselves for years only to institutional (corporate) clients, starting with 2002-2003 there occurred a spectacular increase...
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Legislation regarding consumers loans
Law no. 289/2004 regarding the legal regime of the credit for consumption contracts destined for consumers, physical bodies...
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The leasing market continues to consolidate and develop
At first, it must be said that the leasing market in Romania is characterized through a high focusing degree...
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Legislation for the consolidated capital market
Law no. 297 from June 28th, 2004 regarding the capital market was promulgated by the Presidency only two days prior to the expiry...
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The insurance market continues to develop and increase its weight in the GNP
Because in the year 2005 the bonuses underwritten by the insurance companies, including the assignments in re-insurance...
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The privatization of BCR and CEC
According to the shares purchasing contract, Erste Bank A.G. became majority shareholder of BCR by acquiring the package...
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