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The big privatisation has taken place in the energetic field

The account of A.V.A.S. (Autoritatea pentru Valorificarea Activelor Statului) for 2005 concluded the necessity to continue the privatization process as well as the liquidation of the non-viable companies.

The privatization in the energetic sector was slow. Two companies of electricity distribution were bought out. From October 2005, 18 companies with mainly state share, according to the AVAS register, were either bought out or dissolved. The aim to reduce the number of employees in the state companies and those concerning the selling of smaller companies was obtained. The fiscal authorities continued to observe and consider collecting the taxes of the trading companies and thus the installment plan of the implements was mainly avoided.

The prices in the energetic field continued to rise. Concurrence on the energetic field began to appear and the transparence of the energetic transactions advanced with the establishment of an energetic stock trade. The efforts to improve the payment of the electricity invoices continued.

A report of the Ministry for Economy and Commerce suggests that by discharging, on hand of the new Fiscal Code of the special taxes applied to the concessionaires of the public utility system for locating on the public domain territorial administrative units of the local transport and energetic distribution of gases and other utilities the imposing of a supplementary tax by the local community was avoided, which was endured by every consumer on a national basis. The elimination of the excises for the biological fuels (bioethanole and biodiesel) represent an important instrument in promoting the use regenerating sources  of energy concerning the reduction of the pollutant emissions.  Romania has to reach in 2007 a consume level of biological fuels of 2% ion a national basis and the level will grow up to 5.75% in 2010. The new Code foresees the immunity from the payment of excises for the electric energy obtained from redeemable sources.

This contributes to the implementation of the European regulations and respecting the engagements taken for the European Union. The quantity of electric energy from redeemable sources of 2.22% from the GDP of electric energy for 2006 will be around 8.3% in the period 2010-2013. 

The development of instrastructure in the energetic domain is an important objective in the portfolio for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
The EBRD strategy for Romania in the period 2006 - 2007 (approved on 12 December 2005)  set the priority directives to continue the support for developing the insfrastructure through transferring the energetic utilities towards private property and selling the energetic utilities. EBRD seeks to collaborate with the strategical investors interested of the privatization of the energetic sector. As well a priority must be considered the development of regional amrket of energy in the South-East of  Europe.