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Foreign and domestic investments enjoy equal treatment

According to the Emergency Order 92/1997, with further modifications, investors benefit in Romania of joint guaranties and facilities: “Investing in Romania as well as possessing using and disposing an asset is guaranteed and may be not subject of any discriminatory action. The administration, management, fructification or dissolution of an investment is likewise not liable to any discrimination”.

Foreign investment principles in Romania

Foreign investment principles in Romania, set by the Emergency Order 92/1997 with further modifications are as follows:

The persons who may invest in Romania

According to the legal regulations a natural and corporate body resident or non-resident with an office in Romania or abroad may invest in Romania according to any modality foreseen by the law.

Registering procedures for the investments

The registration of an investment is made according to the legal procedures applicable to the appointment and registration of a Romanian corporate body without a preceding administrative authorization.
Thus, the investor has to fill in a form available at the Commerce Registry appending the following documents:

- the Corporation Agreement or the Articles of Incorporation;
- the voucher for the payment of the company’s share stock;
- evaluation account for the revenues in kind to the share stock of the company
- passport and conviction record of the investor natural body;
- decision of the general board for the investor company body;
- voucher of reliability of the investor;
- the passport and conviction record of the person(s) designed to represent the company;
- the evidence of the registered office on the territory of Romania.

The situation of direct investments with significant economical impact on the 30th April 2006

economical impact of applying facilities for the investments whose value exceeds 1 million USD and on hand of the obligations agreed with the Agency for Regional development in the interval 1.10.2001 - 30.04.2006 information were received about 480 investment projects whose value is of 5,548 billion USD, the foreign participation representing 3.874 billion USD, respectively 69,82% of the total.
By April 2006 302 investment projects were finalized in an amount of over 2,4 billion USD .
In April 2006, the direct investments with significant economic impact were over 103 billion USD out of which 71,581  mil.USD -greenfield  and  31,332 mil USD -brownfield, as to 15,501 million USD,  in April 2005. (The information was provided by ARIS - Agentia Romana pentru Investitii Straine)