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home / media magazine / the banks continue to expand their retail activity

The banks continue to expand their retail activity

After the Romanian banks have been orienting themselves for years only to institutional (corporate) clients, starting with 2002-2003 there occurred a spectacular increase of the consumption credit, followed in a short time by the real estate and mortgage credit.

It follows the access of the banks in the rural environment, where there is 50% of Romania’s population. The money sent home by the Romanian workers abroad and the infusion of European non-returnable funds represent the two targets of the retail banks.

The credits granted for the de retail segment represent the engine for increasing the banking market in the region.

The increasingly smaller interest margins will push the banks to focus on expanding their business volume, on developing the branches networks and the alternative distribution channels and on introducing new technologies. Regarding this last aspect, there must be mentioned, though, the privileged positions Romania is in, in full banking re-technologization process. Romania is making a leap over time and introduces the latest in the field of solutions and technologies specific to the banking sector.

The informatics banking solutions represent a strategic component in this war for attracting the Retail Banking segment.

Thus, in order to increase the ratio between expenses and incomes, the banks in Europe which offer retail financial services should reduce the base costs of the retail banking services and excel in Financial Management in order to attract and keep its most important customers.

The problem consists of improving the Relation with the customers at a level superior to the facilities offered by private banking, without increasing the distribution costs and in such a way as to generate new incomes, while the tributary volume of customers requests more and more products. The current developing process, the communication systems and the training, if the sales work force must evolve in order to cope with the introduction of new products.

In the year 2006 it becomes increasingly visible the manner in which the banking sector in Romania is undergoing higher and higher pressures. The processes of focusing, acquisitions, mergers, the appearance of specialized banks are in full development, the entire banking market being in transformation. These moves represent only the banks’ attempt to settle as strategically as possible in the field, thus preparing for the battles to come shortly after and here we can say the fiercest battles will be fought over the Retail Banking segment. Proof in this sense is represented by the launching on the Romanian market of the high rollers, the strong Retail banks in Europe.

Romania occupies the third position in the classification of the countries from Central and Eastern Europe with the best development perspectives for the retail credit market, after Russia and Serbia, according to a study executed this year (2006) by UniCredito. The Italian bank estimates the loans granted in Romania in the retail area will increase with 38% annually, in the following three years.