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The settlement of a company represents the first step in the development of a business.

Of course, a business starts always from an idea, a theoretic mechanism meant to bring profit once it is implemented, but, as we all know, the way from theory to practice is in most of the cases, hard and full with difficulties and impediments.

In this website, we plan to clear up a little the issue regarding the legal assistance for the trade companies, of which you can also benefit, even before your company is set up, as of the moment you decided to settle it up.

The shortest way to reach to your company!
In only 3 steps !

1. Contact Consultia Grup
2. We conclude the contract
3. We prepare the documents

You can find out which are the main steps for establishing a trade company, the documents necessary for the company’s settlement and the advantages of which you can benefit by choosing our offer of services. We provide safe and efficient solutions for the settlement of companies, specific for the chosen field of activity.

Why to choose Consultia Grup ?

Because by choosing the services of a legal adviser or lawyer of Consultia Grup you benefit of quality services for the settlement of your company, but not only that.

As we plan to do more,
we are with you also after the settlement of the company!


Now you can benefit of:

Legal assistance in all your actions following your company’s settlement.

The lawyer of Consultia Grup advices, assists or represents you, as necessary, in all your actions following immediately to the company’s settlement.

Saving the time for solving your problems; legal assistance for the company

For reducing the response time, through a better knowledge of the situation of each client separately, to the extent of the possibilities, you will be guided and will be able to benefit of professional services rendered by the same person, whenever you will contact us.

Proper solutions for your needs; representation in front of the court or in relation with different institutions

The lawyer of Consultia Grup can represent you both in front of the court and in your actions performed in relation with various state institutions, for obtaining certain authorizations, or approvals, as necessary.

Protection of your interests; legal quality assistance

Our representative will assist you regarding the structure of the contracts which you sign with your business partners or can protect your interests by assisting you during the negotiations in which you are involved.


In conclusion, you benefit of assistance step by step, for establishing a trustful partnership!
Count on us!


Besides the legal assistance, the offer of our company also include several important categories of services!

We have solutions for a large variety of issues that go far behind the sphere of the legal field. That is why we offer you:

Services of logistics assistance

Activities of workforce recruitment

Activities of business consultancy and assistance

Activities of financial and accounting assistance and consultancy

Protocol activities

Assistance regarding the Promotion and Publicity on the Romanian market


We are focused on the success of our clients businesses !
Your success becomes for us a visit card !

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